January 31st, 2008

The .rtf and I are at war

I just tried to format my submission for the Writer's Workshop at Potlatch 17, and I'm worried I didn't do it correctly. In OpenOffice.Org's Writer,* only the odd page numbers have my surname and the page number; if I open it in Microsoft Word,** it looks the way it's supposed to.

Before when I submitted anything (which hasn't been much!), I just sneakily made a file without headers for the first page, then made a second file with headers the rest of the story and started the page numbering on "2." When I print it out like that, no one can tell I am only pretending that I understand technology.

Now, the secret is out. I am actually your grandmother, and I'm totally screwed. (Don't think about that too hard.)

* Hey! I am not cheap. I'm supporting open source software.

** My roommate is not supporting open source software.