February 27th, 2008


Even though I'd never read any of his fiction (yeah, yeah I know--but I'm more into hobbits than aliens), I liked scalzi's blog, and it's been entertaining me for awhile now. Today I started reading the free e-book version of Old Man's War from TOR, and I was impressed. Sometimes the authors of sassy blogs fail in the fiction department and should just stick to blogging, but not so with John Scalzi. He has skill to back up his big mouth. I decided I would buy some of his books.

Then I got to page 119.

I laughed so hard my liver traded places with your mom's. My dog dialed 911 with her nose because I was asphyxiating from acute cacchination. I showed the paramedics the book and they dropped the gurney, which rolled back to the beginning of time. Then Page 119 made Pangaea laugh so hard it fell apart.

I think "some of his books" was unfair. I'm going to go with "every one of his books."

ETA: It just. keeps. getting. better. "The three other new guys, Watson, Gaiman and McKean, all got the same treatment..."