March 1st, 2008

Potlatch, Day One

We missed the workshop. Hahaha! It was at four p.m. today, and even if criada and I had known about it, we still would have missed it because, you guessed it, THE GREYHOUND WAS LATE :) However, we're just going to privately exchange our critiques with the other members of the group sometime tomorrow.

I was reading jimhines' Goblin Quest on the bus until I was too tired. When I woke from my nap, there was a man's crotch about three inches from my face. I stayed awake roughly ten seconds to be sure nothing pink was going to slap the side of my face, and thus assured, I went back to sleep. I woke again in time to hear his cell phone ring, and then, I am not kidding, he told whoever called him in a hick drawl that he was on stand-by. Because there wasn't room, and he was standing. HAHAHAHA! But that was the second incorrect use of language on the bus. Mr. Hines started it with the word "rob." You cannot rob an object, but you can rob a person! Robbery is theft through threat of force; you can't threaten an object to give itself to you. (Well, you could, but you'd be waiting awhile.) My policeman dad made sure I knew the difference, and now I pass that mostly useless knowledge on to everyone who reads this, which is just my mom anyway.

Once we got here, I looked for someone I knew, starting with mcjulie and paulcarp. Instead I found davidlevine and kateyule! Which is great, because they're totally awesome, and plus, I had a present for David that I couldn't wait to unload. I hate carrying around breakable things, but this is a fan con, right? Sort of? So I brought some anyway to prove my fanliness.

I chucked cmpriest's at her next, and then discovered jaylake was standing right behind me during testimonial mingling time, so now I only have one piece of glass left in my bag. So, catrambo: I'm short, painfully androgynous, and I have neon green and blue hair and a bunch of metal in my face. Please come take your present so I can stop tiptoeing. (Then you can tiptoe instead. Hahaha.)

In the course of the evening, I met Jesse Bangs, who is just as fun in person as his work is to read. (Seriously, amazing. As soon as my favorite gets published I'll show you where to buy it so you can see why I'm all fantarding over him.) And I briefly ran into Vylar Kaftan in the hall. I loved the story she submitted to the workshop--my co-workers had to hear me exclaiming about it for an hour after I got to work that day. And the next day too (hey, different co-workers).

I talked to a lot of people who probably have LJ accounts but I don't know their names. Say hi if you see this!

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