March 7th, 2008

Thank you, Rainforest!

Immortal Showdown II: Deviltar Swale
Draft 1.0

"The horse laid her ears flat at the increasing reek of baked maggot buffet, but she didn't shy."

4702 / 100000 words. 5% done!

Rainforest is excellent. I will go here every year until tbclone47 kicks me out for blinding people with my hair color. Here's a failed practical joke to entertain you while simultaneously reminding you that I'm slightly less than competent.

erdnase2000 made me a balloon palm tree with a poodle pink monkey climbing it. I said I'd trade it for a drink, walked up to the bar, and slid it across the counter with my One Free Drink ticket cleverly hidden beneath the poodle monkey's arse. I asked the bartender if she would mix me something non-alcoholic that tasted like citrus or berry (it was good, btw!) and if she would furthermore pretend to take the balloon as payment. She agreed. Then I sat back down and tricked the whole table into thinking I'd really gotten a drink for a balloon creation. Michael seemed pretty excited, but when I tried to weasel him into walking up to the bar and offering a balloon animal for a drink, he shied. I never should have told him my drink was non-alcoholic, dammit. Hahaha. Oh well, it would have been awesome, and what-might-have-been is one of a writer's best friends.