March 8th, 2008

Late Night Hilarity

In varying degrees and applications, we've had alcohol, caffeine, blackberry pie, and it's past midnight. So when I say hilarity, what I really mean is, don't read it.
erdnase2000: "Is Cheetos spelled with an apostrophe?"
Everyone: "No."
lisamantchev: "Well, unless it's one Cheeto and it owns something."
tbclone47 began singing, "Dead Puppies Aren't Much Fun," which somehow prompted Art Boulton, who is too good for the Internet, to play "Cows with Guns," which tempted erdnase2000 to play "Star Wars Cantina," and kehrli topped it off with "The Chicken Song." tbclone47 brought it all full circle with a song about fish heads that I've never heard before, and I hope I never hear again.