March 19th, 2008

Writing To Do List

This isn't for you really. In fact, I imagine it's boring. But I had to make it public because I'm more likely to do these things if other people can see I was supposed to.

Non-writing writing tasks:
  • Final edits for Rendered Down Done on March 19. ~2,000 words.
  • Final edits for Prince of Wolves 6,300 words, and now I'm working on the query!
  • Final edits for Castle of Masks It's still out on submission, and I'll wait just in case my rejection is personalized! Hey, it could happen.
  • Edit synopsis for Heart of Stone I did, and it's awesome at ~750 words.
  • Edit synopsis for Noble Quest
  • Finish synopsis for Island of the Ghost Seals
  • Write a synopsis for Immortal Showdown (which is Madcat Mountain 2.0)
  • Submit two flash pieces >:|

Writing tasks:
  • Finish Breaking Mirrors
  • Begin rewrites on Island of the Ghost Seals
  • Mold pets! DONE on March 19! ~2,500 words
  • The Flying Dutchman (1 & 2)
  • Östgötsk rondellhund
  • Chupacabra friend
  • Wilderness ADD
  • Whodunit
  • Smalltown oddity reporter

Mold pets, check

Finished the as-yet untitled "mold pets" story a few minutes ago. Here's one of my favorite parts:
“What's wrong, girl?”

She undulated, her pale, nicotine-colored belly rippling with indiscernible emotion. Then Mike saw the fuzzy wad of hair and lint sitting on the couch cushion. Like a guinea pig, its legs, if it had any, were concealed under its dense, hairy body. It shuddered angrily, lint standing up in clumps, and made a noise like jingling change. Mike took a step forward. He was afraid it might attack Fleming, but the new creature dived back into the gap between couch cushions. It left seven bucks in coins, which Mike counted after he ascertained that Fleming was all right.

Mike didn't really like the cushion monster, which he could hear shuffling around inside the couch when he was trying to play his X-box or watch a movie. Once, when he dropped a ballpoint pen and reached his hand down to pull it out, he thought the little turd nipped him.

But Mike couldn't prove it, and besides, miserly Edison was useful in his own way. Whenever Mike wanted to grab a burger, he'd yank the cushions out and menace Edison until he crapped out whatever coins Mike had left lying around the apartment for the past few weeks.

...And in case anyone was curious, this story was inspired by my own dirty house, a strong stance on spaying/neutering pets, and the number of raccoons that like to sleep and eat in my bedroom. Hahaha.