April 2nd, 2008

Project for April writing

AFTER I stop freaking and send off this damn story, I'm going to start a write-x-words-a-day project for April. Since you're the ones suffering from my excerpts, I thought I'd give you a chance to steer your fate.

Poll #1164881 book to write in April

What project should I choose for my daily writing in April?

Deviltar Swale (cowboys + natives sit on dinosaurs while they shoot demons #2)
Breaking Mirrors (former theatre tech on the run from faery politics)
Heart of Stone (bitchy goblin prince and human teenager become friends while fighting Hell)
A...Noble Quest (closeted cowardly thief satires quest fantasy. Also, a dragon)
Pieces of Eight (rockband gets slaughtered on secret island by treasure-hunting pirate ghosts)
Rework something that needs editing (Island of Ghost Seals or Grey's diamond heist)
Something else

And "something else" is...

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