April 5th, 2008

~1,823 words

"People don’t go up to Carl Hiaasen and say “What? Another book on Earth?” And he didn’t even make up that planet! It’s an open source planet!" - scalzi

6085 / 70000 words. 9% done with Heart of Stone!

I've been having a little trouble being witty in dialogue, so it's not entirely accurate to say I wrote 1,823 words today--I definitely wrote more. But I backspaced over the little bastards, because they weren't good enough!

Earlier, I crossed the street and a vehicle went by behind me, and someone yelled, "NICE HAIR, QUEER!" out the window. I didn't turn around, but I started laughing when I realized there was probably a 50/50 chance that it wasn't just a random jerk, but actually a jerk I know. My friends are just as mean to me as roving homophobes.