April 12th, 2008

Congratulations to the recently represented!

Two of the people in my crit group are recently represented--that makes 40% of my crit group! :) Congratulations to kaerfel and tlcadence.

I love watching the path to success in someone whose talent I believe in. It's one of the reasons I'm more likely to get fannish over indie artists, because I can watch them overcome hurdles and hit milestones. (And later I can be that annoying, snooty guy in the coffee shop who says, "Oh, I liked them before they were popular.")

So another belated congratulations, this one to stillsostrange! She has been one of my favorite short story writers for awhile, and hopefully will soon be one of my favorite novelists. :) And speaking of Amanda, I finished Collapse )

My scanner murdered it, not that I'm blaming the suck on the scanner; it's just harder to see the suck because of the scanner. I should probably get a new one soon--this one is from 1998. Hahaha! (Seriously, everyone, buy Canon.)