April 15th, 2008

Wedding plans for someone I don't know

At first, I thought this was spam: Collapse )

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My response:
Dear Anna,

1. I think egg rolls are a fantastic idea, especially if you offer both vegetarian and meat. Siopao (known as humbao to most Americans) are also an inexpensive and tasty treat if you'd like to add more Asian cuisine.

2. Meatballs are cool with me. The spicier, the better! Also, weddings in the Northwest typically feature a spinach-dip that's great with French bread. If it's not as popular in Florida, it might be exotic but just as popular (and it's inexpensive to make). Here's a recipe.

3. This is the only thing I could find on tablecloth rentals. I wish you the best of luck.

4. If you guys pitch in for a plane ticket, I'd be delighted to help you set up as early as Friday. I don't have anything better to do (my critique group is on Fridays, but I'm sure they'd be okay with my absence).

Oh, and one more thing: Who are you, and why are you e-mailing me about your wedding? I'm not opposed to helping you plan--my people are famously fabulous at decorations--but I am curious where you got my e-mail address.


C0r1 Inman

...I just realized my sentence about the popularity of spinach dip wasn't very clear. Oh well.