May 10th, 2008

First line meme

...With a twist!

Poll #1186008 best first line

If you could choose one of these books to read right now, judging only by what you've been given, which one would it be?

1. "The Goblin Prince didn't believe anyone would dare die before he made his grand entrance, but he hurried anyway." - YA dark fantasy
2. "My mistake was assuming that anyone who wore a fur coat, a vinyl dress, and stiletto heels was not a predator." - urban fantasy
3. "The quiet rustle of October leaves skittering across the ground would have been enjoyable if it wasn't interrupted every few moments by another retch from Lawrence." - urban fantasy/sci-fi (yes, it's possible)
4. "Kill the bee. Seriously, kill it now. I'm not telling this story until someone kills that scary-ass bee." - fantasy/humor
5. "Toby noticed she was being followed just a mile east of Fort Whitney." - fantasy western, book 1
6. "In the brush ahead of Toby Tuttle, bones snapped and wet meat squelched between the teeth of the deadliest predator in the Redlands." - fantasy western, book 2
7. "Cameron slid the edge of one thumbnail over the desert of cracked purple nail polish on the other." - YA contemporary
8. "After three months prowling around islands with nothing to break up the nasty pork-and-biscuit fare but some ill-cooked turtle's eggs that made even Halfbeard choke, I would have eaten human meat if someone had offered." - historical noir
9. "Warm, yellow light bobbed through the trees, still some distance away, and Merivale's captors muttered uneasily." - fantasy romance ...Yeah, yeah. How about necrophiliacs:
10. "I have a lie in case anyone asks me who I am." - bizarre/unpublishable haha
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