May 28th, 2008

Friends for an Hour

I want to start getting to know random strangers again.

tlcadence and I were talking about it yesterday, about how when we were younger we used to do that. We'd meet someone, become their best friend for one day, and then take off for eternity. Then we aged, grew into ourselves, and no longer had the need to devour disposable friendships because we already knew who our best friends would be: other creators, who lead mostly quiet lives and make them interesting through their quirkiness. Why dig through the populace when we've already got a stable of dependable, like-minded folk with which to share existence? These people understand the notion of staying home and creating instead of going out and partying; they're not jealous of our work or threatened by it.

However, I wonder if the fresh perspectives and stories introduced through strangers would be beneficial to that creativity. I know I get inspired by anecdotes from others all the time, and in fiction, I enjoy fresh (or even contrary) perspectives on a variety of topics. Surrounded by homogeny, and present for most of the anecdotes, I feel like my grasp of the human condition and its myriad stranger-than-fiction quirks is growing stagnant.

Here are some highlights from past non-sexual one night stands:

- A kind of punk fellow of delicate stature who goes recreational hog-hunting in Texas and has a fluffy pet purebred angora rabbit

- A cosmetology student who fills up every waking hour with planned events so that her entire week is literally daily routine + school, work, and lessons, and was perfectly delighted about it

- Barely-legal freegan boy with Johnny the Homocidial Maniac hair who lived in a ghetto with his pet turtle and a tire swing

I think I might challenge myself to write a piece of fiction with inspiration from each of these people, and add more to the list if I see the opportunity. I alread thought of a good one for P-lo and his pig hunting...
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