June 19th, 2008

Wordle & Frozen Roses

I woke up, so have a meme:

This is from Frozen Roses, which just hit 10,000 words yesterday/today/I have no sense of time/I need to go back to sleep.

10347 / 16000 words. 65% done!

Here's an excerpt--but not the part I used for the meme:
“I'm proud of my sexuality,” she says, and some people clap. Our teacher doesn't, and I'm not sure if I hate him for it because I wish he'd care about anything we said, or whether I'm glad he's not feeding the chihuahua more attention biscuits. I don't clap either, because I don't like thinking about what she's saying.

I've never been able to tell if I'm a queer. Naked men don't give me an erection, but neither do naked women. Not unless they belong to Death, cold and motionless under a crown of frozen roses and baby's breath. And when they get there, are they really male or female? Dead people can't have babies or pee standing up; they can't be good at math or better at baking cakes. Even if any of that had meaning, it disappears with the crimson of your blood and cools into a deep indigo indifference.

Mr. Worth tells Jesikka her five minutes are up. Amazingly, she didn't bring up her dead sister even once, not even to mention that her sister's best caregiver was bisexual, or that conservatives would have tried to deny her sister medical care if she'd been bisexual, or that fifty percent of teenagers with cystic fibrosis confess their wish for same-sex marriage before they choke to death on their own lungs.