June 23rd, 2008

If you're the kind of person who notices...

...Yeah, I trimmed my f-list. I got a little greedy in the adding of Shiny New People, and it was hard to keep up with all the entries. If you noticed, don't take it personally. I rotate my f-list population without expecting it to mean anything.
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    New Moon on Monday - Duran Duran

Two different kinds of cycling

Today I rode my bike eight miles to anghara and rdeckert's house for our weekly reading. It was fantastic! Normally I only ride four miles a day, round trip, over flat ground. This was twice that up and down hills. I have a rule about hills: if I can't make it up on my bicycle, I have to carry my bike the rest of the way. And even though it was fun, I accepted debtaber's awesome offer of a ride back into town. Thanks again, Deb!

The entire tank. It's so much cooler in real life!

Close-up of the bogwood in the right side of the tank.

This is my favorite part, in the left corners. I love the dwarf hair grass,
which will grow into a shag carpet the 1970s would envy.

My friends helped me collect all that glass from the beach, which I then boiled/rinsed to remove the salt and other contaminants.

This is my second aquarium, and I'm pretty sure if it's not already cycled it will have done by the time I get back from the Iron Springs Writers Retreat. SO. EXCITED. (For the non-hobbyist, cycling means you cultivate a crop of germs which like to eat fish pee and turn it into nutrients for a second set of germs, which crap out plant food. At this point, it's safe to put fish in the tank.) Here is a full size of the last photo: Collapse )

We're working on building a hood to hold the light ourselves. I have some of the parts--it's going to be all steampunky.