June 26th, 2008


difrancis mentioned her chosen superpower, and I thought I'd share mine. I've had this planned out for years--mostly. I know what my superpower is, and what my accompanying superweakness is, but I don't know what caused these superabilities. Feel free to comment with suggestions.
Superpower: I will be entirely amphibious, able to breathe and function both on top of Kilimanjaro and at the bottom of the Marianas Trench.
I like fish, but I don't want to talk to them like that metro Aquaman. I want to hunt them down with my bare hands and eat their fishy goodness where their friends have to watch.
Superweakness: I will be completely incontinent.
That way, my weakness won't affect my actual superpower, but it will keep the Paparazzi away from me on land! Even if my secret identity is compromised, who is going to want to take clandestine photos of me losing it in my jeans? They want photos of hot celebrities doing awful things. That's why you see photos of Jennifer Aniston's supposed cellulite, but no one takes those same pictures of Dom Deluise* or Steve Buscemi.

Okay, time to share. What's your superpower/weakness, and how did it happen?

* For the record, I kind of want to do Dom Deluise. But not if it breaks up his marriage. Carol has to be cool with it.