June 29th, 2008

Iron Springs Report

I had nothing but fun at Iron Springs, but I'm pretty sure you don't care how good people made me feel about my manuscript (thanks, jaylake & the Wrecking Crew!), or how great the cabins were (thanks, Iron Springs Resort!), or how great the food was (thanks, kjlj & bsdotrand!), because it would just make you jealous that you weren't there.

No, I know what you're here for: you want to see Spencer Ellsworth and C. S. Inman risk their necks for no reason other than to prove to themselves that despite their pants-crapping fear of heights, they could climb this:

Collapse )

And this photo isn't everyone who was at the retreat, but it is everyone in the critique workshop. jaylake called us the "wrecking crew," which I think is the best ever name for a group of critiquers.

I have new icons now! :D