July 3rd, 2008

Thunderstorm writing

Last night, with lightning flickering over the bay, I walked my dog to one of my favorite places in Bellingham: a giant, ornate church with a big cool tower and pretty trees sleeping on the lawn. We sprawled on their porch, Shai licking her paws like an idiot, me typing like mad.

When the rain hit, there were some teenagers who'd stolen traffic cones on the sidewalk across from me. I watched as droplets making splats bigger than quarters soaked the delinquents--ha! And a few minutes later, the streetlight turned off to cool down, leaving me in darkness. Leaves scraped against the church bricks in the wind, and the only thing I could see was the light of my screen. It was fantastic.

I was at a part in the story where the adventuring party has to stumble through a dark tunnel filled with monsters. I wrote 1125 words in an hour, which is average, but I'm going to be a hippie here and claim every word was charged with storm energy. I swear it actually helped create the suspense I was going for.

And now, to continue in the exact opposite environment: a coffee shop with a warm, cozy atmosphere, sitting by Spence's family.