July 9th, 2008

If I wrote like this every day...

...I could finish, edit, and polish three books per year and still have time to sit around taking photos of my plecostomus.

I'm trying on other people's writing progress formats like hats... I semi-ganked stillsostrange's this time::

Noble Quest...
Words today: 5,894!
Words total: 28,844
Reason for stopping: Take photos of pleco. (And the scene ended. Also, it turned into July 9.)
Favorite: The courtyard around the tower reeked, though it wasn't really a rotten smell. It was more of a thick, musty aroma, like wet grandma.
Abusing my power: A floral venereal disease (don't ask).
It's aliiive!: Jint decided he's afraid of heights, which will come in handy in about two plot points. Therefore, I approved his phobia and let him crawl on his hands and knees while the others pranced upright across a narrow, stone sky bridge.
Embarrassment: I wrote "stactatite."

28844 / 80000 words. 36% done!