July 14th, 2008

Noble Quest progress, and a hilarious photo of ME.

Noble Quest...
Words today: 2,203!
Words total: 30,421
Reason for stopping: Sleepy.
Favorite: I'd needed to build a brown castle for about two hours by the time we stopped to make camp. When I finally got away from water-gathering, wood-gathering, and listening to Jint reminisce about his duty tours through these very foothills, I'd almost forgotten about the darklings and their tricks. I mostly only remembered that my body weighed about two pounds more than it ought.
Abusing my power: I guess mostly I just made you read about poop, which isn't really standard for a quest fantasy. But it should be. Think about it: the hobbits eat six times a day, and they actually stop pooping long enough to complete any goals?!
It's aliiive!: Jint has been in these dangerous mountains before. (He seems to be the pet for this section of the book.)
Embarrassment: Homeland Security probably knows I was looking up "medieval toilet paper." (And I didn't find much detailed information, so if you have info, do share!)

30421 / 80000 words. 38% done!

... Every time I go out in this outfit, I get hit on by Carebears™.

This is my fashion model face. It's how I imagine people look
after they've puked up a $85 entrée from a trendy urban restaurant.