July 17th, 2008

OTOS! Spence, and status report...


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And just so y'all know, Spencer now has an LJ at spencimusprime. Now, a wordcount to make him weep:

Noble Quest...
Words today: 4,554
Words total: 35,633
Reason for stopping: Midnight--I'll write more and add it to tomorrow's tally.
Favorite: The triumph of making it up the stairs without falling and dying even once was ruined when we found the bodies.
Abusing my power: I'm making two of the characters hate each other so I can trap them together in a life-or-death situation in the next chapter.
It's aliiive!: The faeries in this world have decided they don't look like the faeries in my other worlds. (Trolls in Broken Mirrors look like green apes; in Noble Quest, they're more like small Chinese dragons with long, fingered feet.
Embarrassment: When I wrote, "I scanned the area for pensile spells," Weese said, spellcheck insists I meant "penile." I think this story has actually corrupted my word processor.

35633 / 80000 words. 45% done!