July 18th, 2008

So sleepy... (Was going to walk four miles. Ha!)

Noble Quest...
Words today: 1,650
Words total: 37,358
Reason for stopping: Midnight + I have to go retrieve my bicycle >:| Scratch that. I'll just walk in the morning! I'm too lazy.
I guessed it was about noon, which meant we had another two or three hours of pure light before the mountains blocked out the sun with their big fat asses.

At the rate the Earl of Pantsshittingham was going, we were going to use every second.
Abusing my power: I gave the MC permission not to reveal an important plot point until he feels like it. (Because I think it makes for better reading.)
It's aliiive!: Um, well, a ghost showed up, and he was an obese mute who strangled cats when he was frustrated. Now he talks through the mouth of one of his dead cats, which he is still clutching in ghost form. (I need more sleep.)
Embarrassment: A reviewer pointed out how many times Perret pees in Chapter Four. I knew it was a lot, but I just didn't realize how close together the instances are. Hahaha! Oops.

37358 / 80000 words. 47% done!