July 24th, 2008

My week is flying by, and there's no duty free catalog.

Noble Quest...
Words today & yesterday: 3,688
Words total: 43,487
Reason for stopping: Sleepy.
Weese's words piled out with an urgency I hadn't heard from him since before the ice temple. “Perret, remember when you asked me if I'd teach you how to do that light trick? And I said I couldn't?”

“Oh, you're going to teach me? Thanks, I always wanted to die in a brightly lit environment.”
Abusing my power: I put yeti in this story in a serious context. Yes, thank you, I'll be here all week.
It's aliiive!: Perret decided to play dead after a disaster so his companion would panic. Brat.
Embarrassment: “I could rip up my robe to make a robe,” he offered. It's just a one letter typo, but still.

43487 / 80000 words. 54% done!

...I'm beginning to doubt that 80K is a reasonable goal, and I'm behind schedule already. No more movie nights or "writing" at other people's houses until I finish! >:|