July 25th, 2008

Stupid sitting here stupid no party stupid!

Okay first of all, let me just stamp and scream for a few moments that I am not at the Clarion West party. I demand that everyone in attendance have an extra good time, and that after the party ends, the excess good-time-having be combined into the full-sized good time that I would have enjoyed had I been there. And then e-mailed to me. >:| I miss you all, and I know you miss my delightful hot pink trousers.

Now that I'm done tantruming,* let me share spencimusprime's Collapse )

I also could have stayed with the rest of my crit group and watched Tim Burton's Batman, but I intend to be productive. I will now channel my frustration and crybabiness** into wordcount: 46K, here I come!

* Now a word.

** Also now a word.