July 27th, 2008

50K or ...well, we're going with "Bust" this time, but I was close.

Happy birthday to spencimusprime, who challenged me during our mini-write-in (at which THIS incredible picture was taken) to write 50k before I stop for the day. Well, the day is bleeding into the tomorrow, and I'm about to pass out, but since I woke up this morning I've gone from 43,331 to:

48001 / 80000 words. 60% done!

Noble Quest...
Words today & yesterday: 4,653 (so far!)
Words total: 48,001
Reason for stopping: Alien abduction and uncomfortable probing. I guess they ran out of guys in John Deere hats.
The proprietor grew increasingly wary. He'd seen this routine before, when it was actually a routine instead of a tragic wight accident. I'd participated in it myself once or twice. We called it “Who Has The Rag?” and whichever one of us sneaked out last was stuck washing dishes and mucking stables until he'd paid everyone's tab.
Abusing my power: Where do I start?! I used a dead dragon as a bridge, I killed barnacles because I can, and I gave the MC cause to greatly rue his illiteracy. Also, seagull beaks stained with green blood.
It's aliiive!: I needed a monster, and a really awesome one just materialized. It's even related to an earlier event, so I foreshadowed it without meaning to!
Embarrassment: No amusing typos, but how about these photos from the park earlier?

Spencer does a military pushup. Or he's waterboarding himself.

Until I can afford my own, I'll use the public bidet, thank you.