July 30th, 2008

50K finally

Noble Quest...
Words yesterday & the day before: 2,013
Words total: 50,014
Reason for stopping: I left my laptop at work and went to see Dark Knight.
And because there was a teeny tiny chance that I might lose a hand or two, I only stole half as much as I normally would.
Abusing my power: I let Perret be bilingual because it's funny. I am so afraid to take the Mary Sue test with him...
It's aliiive!: I let Perret be bilingual.
Embarrassment: I let Perret be bilingual.

50014 / 80000 words. 63% done!

Lies. There is no way I'm packing the entire last half of this book into 30K. Or is there?! DUN dun DUNNN!!!! Actually, I'm on fake-schedule if I write 1,875 words a day. I'm hoping that works. I always think my book is going to be the longest right before I hit the place where the action starts snowballing.

ETA: I couldn't stop myself. Here are Perret's test results (no, not for the clap, though clearly he should get checked for that, too):
30+ (I scored 32)
Fanfiction authors beware - Mary's on the loose. There's still a chance you can save this character with some TLC, though. Role-players and original fiction characters, you should also strongly consider giving your character a workover.

Hmm...NO :)