August 2nd, 2008

Clarion West party

HA. Yeah, I made it to this one, but just barely.*

Thanks to paulcarp, mcjulie, jkling and Ivy (do you have an LJ?) for taking me to and from the party. And double thanks to Paul and Julie for covering my dinner when I realized my debit card was missing. I'm sure it's "in my other pants" or whatever, but I'm still annoyed and slightly embarrassed!

I actually don't know what Chuck Palahniuk looks like, so even though he was the guest of honor, I didn't see him before he bailed for some much needed Zs. Since there were probably sixty or seventy people there at the height of the party, an abundance of other fun people occupied me throughout the evening.

And now I am going to get my own much needed Zs!

* Only because my work number was mis-labeled in Julie's phone did I receive a call in time instead of a voicemail too late, and only because I could leave that exact second without any further preparation did I get picked up to go. I kind of assumed criada was already in the car, but it turned out that a less lucky mixup with phone numbers left her behind. :(