August 4th, 2008


...And most of them are actually good (by my humble, unpublished standards).

Noble Quest...
Words today: 10,084
Words total: 61,666
Reason for stopping: I decided to let the devil's number sit overnight. After all, the pirates showed up.
When the native-laden canoes pulled alongside Nomina Row, they threw fruit and dead animals onto the deck. A limp seagull beaned me in the side of the head, and even though I was about ready to throw it right back, Lanora put a hand on my arm. “It's an offering.”

Yeah, an offering to get dead bird all over my face. Thanks, Omana. You guys are the best.
Abusing my power: I invited pirates into the story, because pirates make my pants happy, okay? If I was someone else, all my books would probably have Japanese schoolgirls or really muscly cops.
It's aliiive!: Perret discovered a plot point before I planned. I might have to wrest control from him and move it back where I wanted, so my pacing isn't all messed up.
Embarrassment: I realized I've used the word honey to describe sunlight or hair four separate times. I think once each is quite enough.

Here's everybody who played today! I almost forgot--from left to right, top to bottom: criada, spencimusprime, csinman, patlandness, awriter, and kaerfel!

See my totally gay ribbon? kaerfel made it!
She must have known I would win.

And the final scores:

patlandness joined late, but he still kicked some ass.