August 10th, 2008

Frozen Roses progress

I've been editing Noble Quest and just started writing again today, but I'd rather share something from Frozen Roses... I haven't in awhile.

Frozen Roses...
Words since last update: I can't count them; they're on Arithon (~500, perhaps?) Whoa, this is weird--I just imported & counted, and it's exactly 500 new words.
Words total: 11,129
Reason for stopping: My butt was going numb.
Wanes, Pearson, Coulthurst, Carr... I made my way down the line, watching my sneakers press into the wet April grass. When I looked up, a girl my size gazed down at me. She was wrought in a different stone than the kind upon which she walked. Pale grey, in a flowing dress, with ringlets and only one hand. Whatever her right fingers had indicated, they had been knocked off by a vandal so long ago that lichen had grown across the stub.

Mom found me stroking the broken angel's innocent, delicate foot with bare fingers, my glove forgotten on the ground.

I do it again today, like I do every time I visit The Angel. Some day, I will wear away her dead, cold toes with my living fingers. She cannot move or defend herself when we strike her; with a hammer I could take every delicate toe, the remaining fingers where they clutch roses and peonies, even her budding breasts and her sorrow-sculpted face. But I'm not the bastard who violently destroyed her hand; I mutilate her slowly, with love.
Abusing my power:
It's aliiive!: Sam hates zombie movies. (I was surprised too!)
Embarrassment: I keep forgetting Alaska doesn't have warm, sunny Octobers. I have backspaced over sunny days several times now.

11139 / 17000 words. 66% done!