August 12th, 2008

Short story experiments

I've wanted to write one short story per week since jaylake talked about it at Rainforest. It's probably not going to happen (especially in light of how terrible I am at meeting my self-imposed comics deadlines), but I came up with some ideas.
1. I will pay myself pro rates for every finished story. I was slipping on my "budget" anyway, so all my money goes toward groceries, bills, and savings unless I can snag it with a story. If it's ready to send out, I'm getting paid for it whether anyone else wants it or not.

2. I have thirty-five stories to work on. One of my problems with comic pages is that I blank on what comes next. When I went through my "ideas" file yesterday, I realized I have eight months' worth of story-per-weeks to start on, finish, or rewrite.

3. kehrli plans on doing it, too. The one time I did manage to write&draw a comic page a week for months and months on end, dreamburnt was doing it too. (I tried to reinstate that recently with substitute-McNamaras, but the magic just wasn't there.) I'm hoping Keffy and I can do with short stories what McNamara and I did with our comics: keep making them even if they suck.
This probably won't work, but I've discovered that when it comes to organizing my time, it seems to matter very little what attitude I have if my strategy is sound. It's like a 24/7 National Geographic special in here. I can be just as surprised by my own behavior as you might be.

And I am a little surprised... I wrote a story yesterday. :)