August 13th, 2008

Weakly Story Club

steppinrazor helped start this tomfoolery, but the terrible pun is mine.

If you choose to participate in writing one short story per week, however weak your story might be, post an entry upon completion which contains the first paragraph of that week's story. Then tell us how much you were "paid" for it at a rate of $0.05 per word (or more).

Here's mine:
Curtis Monrean eyed the pitted surface of his inner elbow, where the infection inflated his skin like rising dough. Even though it was worse than the first two infections, he considered going back to sleep instead of the hospital. After all, he was still alive.

My story would "make" $162 if I left it the way it is, but I have some editing to do. Maybe I should have a "No more than" so I don't accidentally become indebted to myself.