August 24th, 2008

Weakly Story Club: #2

From a yeti horror short (I cheated by posting more than the first paragraph, but the first paragraph was only one line):
“That's... not a bear,” I said. No one argued.

The thing Lee killed in the night looked like a giant, furry maxi pad, all puffy white but for a soaked red region on its distended belly. Its clawed toes pointed at the overcast sky. It didn't have a face so much as it had a beard with milky, unseeing eyes and some uneven teeth. Its swollen tongue was spotted like a chow's.
This time rather than paying myself a pro rate, I'm going to pay myself what I hope to get from the market I'm submitting to. I made $40!

I dislike the ending, but I've decided I'm definitely going to stagger these Weakly stories and edit them four weeks after I wrote them. I'll fix the ending a month from now.

I also submitted the selkie story today--kehrli and I came up with submitting one story a week as our second goal. I'm not sure I can keep up with that, because now all of my unembarrassing stories are already out on submission, but we'll see.