September 14th, 2008

Awesome company, DAMMIT, and zombies

I didn't even know how true this was:
me: haha Star Trek hates the Irish
kehrli: Well, so does God.
...When we said it, but then I had to miss Anachrotechnofetishism for a good cause. If it was a bad cause I could bitch about it, but I'm actually glad I spent my time the way I did. My out-of-town friends ame_no_heisei and captainjetblack just ended a week at sailing school, and crashed with me for a night on either end of their education. We explored glass-covered beaches, ate pie (thanks guys!), and I exposed them to rank British comedy. I loved having them and I hope they move here. But we DID miss major eyecandy by staying in Bellingham.

cmpriest (who I didn't know was going) posted a link to some photos, which included aimeeevilpixie and thegreattuna (who I also didn't know were attending), and I'm all like DAMMIT, how many of my other friends were there in hot outfits?! I know vebelfetzer was, since she's one of the artists! (I knew she was going because she invited me.) And so, DAMMIT. I wish it had been on a different night.

If any of the rest of you have similar images to share, let me know. I have to enjoy it vicariously through your photographic evidence. That said, here is my "photographic evidence" that I had a really cool zombie dream the other night.
Uh, so that says, um... Well, I was still half-asleep when I hastily scribbled the notes, but I remember some of it. See if you can figure out what it says.

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And in conclusion, here's another zombie thing. This is proof that giving straight boys a video camera doesn't always end poorly.
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