October 4th, 2008

Gaiman reading & photo

Tonight I saw Neil Gaiman read a chapter of The Graveyard Book, all of Blueberry Girl, and also we saw clips of the Coraline movie! He answered questions (which ranged from hilarious to idiosyncratic to downright rude). He's a charming fellow and more than deserves his success. I like him just as much as I expected I would; I find his audience a little less annoying than I'd expected, but they weren't the kind of annoying I expected. (Less fantardy goths, more smooching, stroking, moon-eyed couples. Seriously: WHAT?!)

We saw Art and Duane and Team Seattle, who looked especially charming tonight. Mark dyed his hair since I last saw him, and chose well; Caitlin had the cutest pigtails in history; and as usual, Arik and Cherie were dressed in a way that looked casual but still could have landed them in a Vogue spread. We didn't see Lisa even though we looked for her.

No one gets last names or links because I'm going to bed, now.

But first, here is Audrey and me at Pagliacci's:

P.S. Outlining a novel for non-linear thinkers. It's an old post, but it's new to me. I'm going to try it. Jesse's a genius.
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