October 12th, 2008

Where do you find Other?

It is separate and secluded. It learns this for safety. It must know how to hide, and once a safe place is found, it's uncomfortable or even unwise to leave. This is why you should visit Expanded Horizons, where the elusive Other is being welcomed as the only acceptable content.

I came across this fledgling webzine almost two weeks before they released their first issue, and I didn't want to wait! I sent them a story an hour later. My cover letter was half business and half idiotic, fantarded rambling. It came from the heart, however, and one thing I said was:
I see the need for a movement that smashes through boundaries so softly anyone can look through the hole without cutting their own egos.
This is a tall order. I've not managed it quite yet, though one of my loftier goals is to become adept at perspective shifts that even a xenophobic reader won't notice or mind.

One story in the first issue which I feel achieved that shift is Sugar Pines by Elizabeth Mierzejewski. And while Expanded Horizons' first issue isn't perfect, it's definitely worth reading. Sometimes it's literary, sometimes it's youthful, and in at least one case it was annoying--but that particular story stuck with me fiercely afterward, and the characters have haunted me for the past week. I'm impressed.

Most of all, I love that there is now a place I can go with the promise that every story will be written from a perspective I don't often see. I'd like to see the people who engaged in (sometimes heated!) debate about the presence of Other perspectives in SF&F drop a donation to this enterprise. Help it catch up to its potential!
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