October 30th, 2008

Our themes II

Yesterday, I asked you what your themes are. Now, what would you like them to be?

I wish I dealt with these items more in my fiction. Some of them are based on your answers.
  • Abandoned/decaying structures (Thanks, pirateseneschal)
  • Impossible choices
  • Characters I would fall in love with if they were real
  • Exploring the scale between helplessness and omnipotence (Thanks, stillsostrange)
  • Characters who have a very specific skill that I've researched and now know a bit about (ha!)
  • Failure, and what comes next (Thanks, leahbobet)
  • Regret, jealousy, shame, and other intense emotions I don't often feel myself
  • Things we take for granted presented as handicaps
  • Characters who find constructive uses, instead of cures, for their own pathological behaviors (Thanks, renatus)
  • Insurmountable injustice, or other methods to deal with a problem which cannot be solved
  • ETA: Dysfunctional romantic relationships