November 2nd, 2008

The ugly friend, and your impending doom

thjorska: I went to a Cardinals game and almost caught a baseball! And almost broke my hand!
csinman: That's rad
thjorska: I didn't catch it, but I didn't break my hand either.
csinman: That's the best story about something that didn't happen that I've ever heard

I am mostly posting just to report that I read Expanded Horizons' second issue, and Prince of Wolves is the ugly friend at the party. That's fine, because my story is still next to the five popular stories, and that means it might get a date if it remembers not to pick its nose and wipe it on the side of the punch bowl.*

I particularly loved Spoiling Veena by Keyan Bowes. Mom, if you only get a chance to read one, you should read that one.

In other news, I've taken to signing my e-mails with "Stay well," as everyone who comes in contact with me gets sick, even though I'm perfectly healthy. Clearly, I am in the kind of dark SF story that debtaber writes, and you're all screwed, but at least you'll be surrounded by pretty metaphors and lulled by the rhythmic flow of events as your doom approaches.

Stay well,


* I forbid serious responses to this statement.