November 30th, 2008

Late project: check; submission screwed up: check; cat vacuuming: check... Yup, I'm a writer.

With NaNo finished, I have now resumed the Unidentified Flying Steampunk Novella. I'm actually kind of glad I didn't finish it before, because writing my NaNo taught me something that made this story much better. More soon.

According to what I've been told is standard* wordcount, my story is 3,867 words. I just submitted it to a zine that takes fiction "4,000 words or less." Hopefully they use the same method. Also, hopefully they don't notice that I wrote my own story's title incorrectly in the e-mail for like the snazillionth time... Though they probably will, since one of the editors reads this. I don't need other people to embarrass me; I can do it on my own with slightly more accuracy than when I use the toilet.

Also, here is a photo I think you need to complete your life.

ETA: And, to top off the night, I just made a comment here that probably won't make it past moderation. It's definitely time to go to sleep.

* Characters (with spaces) divided by six.