December 17th, 2008

Writerly whinging on a Wednesday

Every once in awhile, I'll feel like re-reading something I've written. Maybe I'm afraid it's awful, like when I read Noble Quest the other day (and reassured myself it's not!), or maybe I miss the characters, like tonight. So I opened up Breaking Mirrors, which is a little over half done at 55K, and it's really fun. It's a quick, interesting read... right up to the part where I got frustrated and shelved it.

It's apparently contagious--every time I read up to that part, I can't keep going because I have Icky Feelings about where I left off, feelings of failure and desertion. But I also can't finish it without having What's Happened So Far fresh in my mind. >:|

I know I should just skip this part for now and move ahead a few pages, then come back and glue things together later, but it's one of the most important parts of the novel, and I have a hard time skipping it the way I do with something like "there's a burglary here" or "main character has a toothache."

AND I HAVE FIFTY MILLION OTHER THINGS TO DO :) hahaha I'll go do those and see if it makes me feel better...
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