December 30th, 2008


My f-list has yielded two Writers of the Future FINALISTS!

When kehrli and ruralwriter fight, I'm not sure who I'll put my money on. I thought the odds might be slightly in Keffy's favor, with him having been a rugby player, but I can't find any images of Brenta, so she could be some kind of Appalachian Amazon who played rugby with an old tractor tire as the...puck...ball... thing. (Now we know who hasn't played rugby.)

Does anyone know if WotF allows blows to the face? Keffy is vain about his admittedly fine nose, so that could work against him...

EDIT: Okay, I was just informed that this will not be a fight to the death, but rather a rational decision made by judges on their submissions. That's okay too. After all, I've been keeping tabs on Brenta's work since she allowed me to stab some of it with a critique fork on OWW, and of course I've been rooting for Keffy since I first met him at a NaNo meeting four(?) years ago.

Good luck!
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