December 31st, 2008

Moustache* news!

Who would have thought that there could be so much news about Indian moustaches?!

(Moustache links ordered by hilarity from left to right.)

All jokes aside though, I actually find cultural news like this really interesting. Personally, if a police officer says, "Hey you, punk kid, knock that off!" my reaction isn't going to be flavored by whether or not he wears a moustache. In fact, if I knew he'd sold out for it, I'd be less likely to respect him. But as is illustrated by that first URL, there are people who feel exactly the opposite, and I enjoy that. Not only does it make me happy the world is so diverse (and to my eyes, bizarre, but not necessarily untrue), but I can always use more quirky anthropological oddities to shove into my bland Western fiction.

* The American spelling ignobly calls up images of a yellow condiment that might get caught in the fine facial hair, not the facial hair itself.
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