January 26th, 2009

Workshop & Weakly Story Club 2009.003

Eileen Gunn presented "Wit and Tragedy: Writing the Savagely Funny Story" today to fifteen eager participants, one of whom was me! Collapse ) I recommend taking a class with her if you get the chance.

Now, about me me me. I wrote something I liked and I wasn't disappointed by my the reactions of my classmates (thanks you guys, you made me feel awesome!), but I'm not sure what to do with it. It's an exaggerated, compressed version of several experiences I had in high school. And I wrote it this week, so...

Title: Making Friends
Length: 400 words (I know, I know! But I paid for the lack of length with emotional veracity. And panic.)
First paragraph:
I didn't have a great relationship with the stairs at my high school, but I had a close one. We knew each other intimately. I knew the impact of all the corners and edges, and the stairs knew my elbows, my ass, and entirely too much about my face.