February 11th, 2009

The writer's block equation

I just did the math, and I consistently get "stuck" between sixty and sixty-four percent of the way through a story. (It ranged from 60.0% to 63.5%)

Everything I am stalled on or have been stalled on in recent memory fits that figure. I'm curious... It seems most writers I know agree there's a point in their novels that they want to tear their hair out and use it to make a voodoo doll of themselves which can be given to a trusted friend and used to make them finish the book. Is it the same place for you each time, the way it is for me? Is it the same place as mine? If you have time, divide your wordcount at the place you got stuck by the story's complete wordcount (or projected wordcount) and share.

Also, jaylake has given me a lot to think about regarding the nature of outlines as a tool. This is only related in my head because if I was so inclined, I think I could math the point where my outlines always break. Maybe later.