October 24th, 2009

Goodbye, journal.


The short version is: I tried using my real name everywhere online because it's what everyone at conventions told me to do, but for various reasons, it makes me uncomfortable. You can still call me whatever you were calling me before, even if it was Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face. I'm just shifting my usernames back to things that amuse me and carry more significance than mere identity.

Also, I'm not posting my art in a separate place anymore. I'm tired of compartmentalizing my existence--it's all going into one feed. If you are all, "Wah, I hate the art but I wish I could see more blathering about daily things," then I think there's something wrong with you anyway. haha

On LiveJournal, everything will be crossposted to plunderpuss. I will still read and comment with that account.

P.S. As a parting gift, check out my new hair in the photo that makes me the second-coolest person on the planet:

See you at plunderpuss!
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