Inman (csinman) wrote,

"Shut your pie hole, you silly cow."

I know your f-list is probably full of it, but seriously,
Or, a summary of WEAK.

If you didn't know, Preditors & Editors makes information available for free to writers that some skeezy industry "professionals" would rather no one knew.

I just dumped a few bucks here and if you're a writer seeking publication, you should too. Even if you haven't used their website, chances are you've benefited from the information through second- or third-hand sources. This is a big Internet--your measly $5 will do a lot when combined with other peoples' measly $5. (And I donated a little more than $5, to make up for you. hahaha)

Was that laughter in this serious post? Yes, but not enough, so you should probably check out P. N. Elrod's hilarious version of how the trial should go...
Tags: publishing: drama llama

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