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Rainforest Writers Village Recap

There are lots of rumors about what actually happens at Rainforest, so I thought I'd give you a photographic account of what it's really like at this amazing retreat.

jimvanpelt coaxes the moss orcas, prize of the Northwestern rainforest. He wouldn't eat one even though we lied and told him they taste better than the slugs.

On the same nature walk, I attract a tree sloth by hiding all my teeth with my lips and shrieking wildly. Also, they like tight pants.

I can't remember if mcjulie was eating the Bean of Ultimate Wisdom or a Veggie Tales extra, but either way, she makes it look good.

bjcooper and I tasted some of Willy Wonka's candy before it was ready. Oops.

tbclone47 kept telling that giant dead bear to floss regularly, but did it listen? And now it has a cavity the size of a Granny Smith apple.

It snowed the last day, so I went on a hike with my camera. I was lucky enough to catch the Abominable Snow Monster consuming an unfortunate skier.


On the way home, we powdered ourselves in glitter (seriously) and visited Forks, where we pretended to be Twilight fans, even though we're not.

That was me thirsting for blood.

Forks wouldn't have put him in those sexy little suspenders if they didn't want this to happen.

Then we visited the sea.

EDIT: I almost forgot the... the clown. >:|

This is apparently some joke from RadCon. While I really wanted to go to RadCon because anghara was the GoH(!!!), I am glad to miss any moments in the life of the clown, which I want to dropkick every time I see it. I only don't because I love Bob, and I'm pretty sure he has feelings for it.
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