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Weakly Story Club 2009.016 + a sale :)

...And, we're back! Despite my insanely hectic week, I managed to write most of this while sprawled on mikigarrison's airbed. Thanks Miki! I recently read a story by mroctober that reminded me that one of the key ingredients for an engaging story is to make a character we care about. So logically, I wrote about a gross monster. Haha!

Title: Maybe the El Chupacabra Stole Your Baby
Wordcount: 2345
The day that El Chupacabra ran out of goats, he turned to the west.

He ranged across the hills, his scaled belly hissing over hot rocks. Rattlers remained coiled in their dens, and coyotes whispered away through the tarbush as he passed. The days passed in a smear of shimmering heat and whirling dust devils, owls rustling in the crotches of cactuses, hard-shelled insects cracking under his claws and leaving smears of slime between his toes. Bright flowers caught El Chupacabra's raw amber eyes, but they weren't delicious fountains of blood, just crimson blossoms wilting in the heat.
Wondering about the victory icon? :D I sold this Weakly Story Club, a piece of horror microfiction, to Necrotic Tissue! They run 100-word short stories called "Bites," and they've accepted my story Trapped for Issue #9.

This is the first WSC to sell. Which reminds me! Please cross your fingers, because the first WSC I ever wrote is still being considered at one of my favorite SF magazines. (Even if they don't take it, I'm already flattered by the fact they've held it so long.) Edit: Haha, just got my rejection. And apparently I was supposed to get it long before now, so I have to retract being flattered. That's okay, I'll try again. :)
Tags: publishing: sales, publishing: submissions, weakly story club

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