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Immortal Showdown

In this novel: Someone was dumb enough to lock a big old demon god inside a mountain, and then some other people were dumb enough to decide a train tunnel ought to go straight through there. Yet some other people are dumb enough to risk their lives to stop this tomfoolery. !Bonus zeppelins and rideable carnivorous dinosaurs.
Words today: 1,751
Accomplished: Added another supernatural mystery + toe-curling racism; or in other words, pissed off two main characters and scared the holybegerbil out of another.
Juniper's stomach tightened, the way it had when he was a kid and he suspected he'd done something wrong.

Behind the scenes: I was writing this part down by the bay with my dog, and a skunk came running up to us, investigated about ten feet away for a little bit, showed me his tail in a blatantly threatening fashion until my heart rate was suitably raised (NOT THE LAPTOP, SKUNK, PLEASE NOT THE LAPTOP) and then scampered away. If I meet that stripey bastard when I don't have the dog tied to my belt or a computer on my lap, we are going to play a game called I Don't Actually Care About Getting Sprayed As Long As I Spray You Back With A Shaken Up Bottle Of Mountain Dew, You Little Jerkoff. And yes, I'll recognize him! I never forget an ass.

13673 / 100000 words. 14% done!

I'm aiming to finish the first book by the end of September, so I have October to recuperate before NaNoWriMo.
Tags: fiction: novels, projects: immortal showdown, writing: progress

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